DiMarzio DP103F White ピックアップ PAF 36th Anniversary F-spaced 【ディマジオ】

DiMarzio DP103F White ピックアップ PAF 36th Anniversary F-spaced 【ディマジオ】

ピックアップ PAF 36th Anniversary F-spaced


Here are the characteristics that make a great vintage humbucker: a soft magnetic field, sweet tone, perfect balance between warmth and clarity, the ability to go from clean to distorted by pick attack alone.
For our PAF 36th Anniversary Neck we wanted to continue in the path of pioneers such as Seth Lover (designer of the original Patent Applied For humbucker) and create pickups that combine all of the characteristics of great vintage humbuckers. These pickups are not merely clones.
We re-engineered the PAF using our patented technology and Larry DiMarzio’s own 1959 cherry sunburst Gibson Les Paul as the reference. Larry’s Gibson Les Paul has a uniquely amazing sound and it’s not only due to the pickups it’s the total fusion of many elements of the guitar itself.
Although the pickups have a weak magnetic field, the sound is well defined: almost like a single-coil.


Output : 250
Bass : 5.5
Mid : 6.0
Treble : 5.5

Recommended For : All positions
Quick Connect : No
Wiring : 4 Conductor (1 Conductor optional)
Magnet : Alnico 5
Resistance : 7.31 Kohm
Year of Introduction : 2008


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