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Mindfulness - The Way to Freedom

November 9 - 16 Life presents us with the challenge of living from a place of wisdom and therefore true happiness, rather than from delusion and its corresponding suffering.  This silent Vipassana retreat, an essential part of practice, supports the strengthening of mindfulness which leads to wisdom –  allowing us to use everything in life as food for freedom. The retreat is designed for beginners and experienced practitioners alike and will include meditation instruction, dharma talks, teacher interviews and discussion time.PREREQUISITES FOR THIS RETREAT We invite anyone with a sincere interest in the Buddha Dhamma to join us for this retreat.  You will need to complete an application for the retreat, and it will be reviewed by the teacher. Please be sure to fill out the application sections asking for any meditation and retreat experience, as this information will be helpful to the teachers.  Where applicable, include details of the retreats, including teachers’ names, dates, location and length of the retreat. The retreat will be limited to 16 practitioners, so early application is suggested. It is asked that retreatants commit themselves fully to their stay. All business and family obligations should be taken care of prior to arrival so that practice and study can be uninterrupted.TEACHER Annie Nugent has studied and practiced in the Theravadan and Tibetan traditions since 1979 under the guidance of a range of teachers including Sayadaw U Pandita, Sayadaw U Teijanea, Tulku Akong Rinpoche, and various western teachers. Annie was the resident teacher for staff at The Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA from 1999-2003, and now teaches elsewhere, including the annual IMS three-month retreat and The Forest Refuge. Her teaching style aims to reveal how our lives are opportunities to develop a clear understanding of the Truth. Besides the teacher, the staff of this one-week Hermitage retreat will consist of a resident retreat manager (the point of contact in case of any difficulties) and a retreat cook. There will be three nutritious vegetarian meals per day.THE RETREAT FACILITY The Columbine Inn, in Taos Ski Valley, is a comfortable timber- frame lodge situated among tall pines at 9200 feet elevation in northern New Mexico’s beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mts.  The Mountain Hermitage will have exclusive use of the Columbine Inn during the period of this one-week retreat, enabling us to provide the privacy, quiet, and sense of harmony most conducive to intensive practice. There is a lovely meditation hall, indoor and outdoor walking areas, and full dining room.  All of the rooms at the Columbine Inn include a private toilet and shower. Many of the rooms are spacious enough to allow for sitting and walking meditation for those wishing to practice in a more secluded setting. For further information and registration, click here.


Columbine Inn, Taos Ski Valley


Taos Ski Valley



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