Taos, New Mexico



6:00pm   to   7:00pm

Nov 18  to  Nov 18

Gong Bath with Margarita

Every Sunday in October, $12 suggested Donation/person, class passes & members Welcome * Harmonize Mind-Body-Spirit Experience the Alchemy of Sound through the Healing Vibrations of the Gongs.   About Margarita Monleon: My love for my gongs and their magic have become a necessary element to my life not only as a person, but as an Artist. It was because of my own search for healing as I fought cancer that the gongs came to me. The gongs helped my mind to relax and so that my body could accept the healing from these vibrational sounds. As a result, the gongs became my medicine to absorb and now it is my medicine to share. I begin my meditations with a 3000 year old Japanese prayer that I was told raises the spiritual vibration in a room.  The gongs follow this prayer allowing for the Alchemy of Sound. Their music is now a part of who I am and what I do.

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High Frequency Loft


1335 Gusdorf Road Suite Q




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